Custom Made Piano Bench Cushions

Piano benches are traditionally made with a hardwood top which makes them very durable, but not always so comfortable to sit on for long practice times.  Putting a cushion on your bench makes the practice time more comfortable.  As most people know, the more time a person spends practicing the piano, the better they will get at playing.  Having a more comfortable bench will certainly aid in being able to practice longer and more often.

Because piano benches aren’t all the same size it is difficult to find a piano bench cushion that fits perfectly.  Howard Piano Industries offers the largest selection of fabrics and all of our custom cushions are made to order we make it to the exact size of your bench for a perfect fit.  With the wide selection we have of available colors and fabrics, we most likely have something that will fit in with your piano and other decor.


Our piano bench cushions come with three sets of ties that attach to the lid of the bench.  They also have piping which runs around the outside edge of the cushion.  Cushions are available in two different thicknesses, either 1-1/2″ or 2-1/2″.  Because we make our cushions on site we are able to offer prices that are competitive without sacrificing quality.  All of the fabrics we use are upholstery grade fabrics so the cushions we sell are made to last for many years.

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